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Brew Your Cup

Morning Tea

Tea For All Times

Tea For All Times

Hot Tea :

This one is for the purist who believes in the perfect hot cup of TEA.

1.    Take fresh water from the cold tap and boil. 
2.    Warm teapot by rinsing out with hot water. 
3.    Put one teaspoonful of leaf for each cup into the teapot. 
4.    Pour boiling water into it. Cover and wait for three minutes. Give more time for bigger leaf teas. 
5.    Pour liquid tea from the teapot into a cup. Add milk and sugar to taste. 


  1.      Use one teaspoon of green tea 2-3 grams per cup.
  2.      Bring fresh water to the boil & pour the boiling water in the teapot.
  3.       Brew it for 2-4 minutes.
  4.      Do not brew for longer to avoid tea becoming bitter.
  5.      Pour liquid tea from the teapot into a cup.
  6.      Add sugar, honey, lemon or other fruit flavors as per taste.
  7.      Do not add milk.

  Tea For All Times

   Ice Tea

  1.       Brew a pot of fresh  green tea (as instruction given above)
  2.       Bring to the room temperature.
  3.       Chill to your preference & enjoy your fresh glass of ICE TEA.